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The Advantages of Setting up a Site to Resell eBooks

The grossly uninformed would say that it’s dishonest and not profitable to resell eBooks, but they haven’t yet analyzed business plans in detail. Becoming an eBook reseller isn’t any different from being a publisher and selling an author’s work while taking a portion of the proceeds. However, ease and profitability aren’t the only reasons to become an eBook reseller; we’ll discuss some of the other reasons below.

EBook Reselling Allows You to be Your Own Boss

If there’s one thing you’ll get when you resell eBooks online, it’s the freedom to balance your personal life and your job. As your resell ebooks business becomes bigger, you can take it in any direction you want. You can work at any hour, or take a break at any time because the process is all but automated once it gets going. While these are important factors, the biggest one is that you won’t have anyone there telling you what to do. Starting a private label resell rights business will let you be your own boss and still make a substantial income.

There’s no Big Capital Investment Required

When you start to resell eBooks on Amazon, you’ll realize that the investment is very low. As I explained above, reselling eBooks can run on autopilot, and your only initial expenses will be setting up a website and marketing it. You can save on IM costs by doing everything in-house and outsourcing only on an as-needed basis. 

You Don’t Have to Keep an Inventory—or Ship Anything

Not only will you save a significant amount of money in setting up a business selling eBooks with resell rights, you’ll save more because you won’t be storing and shipping inventory. Storing eBooks is as simple as setting up a storage module on your website, and there’s little to no overhead involved.

Plans for Reselling eBooks

There are two types of business plans that are usable when finding eBooks that you can resell. The first type is where writers and authors will be invited to sell you their rights in exchange for promotion. There’s only one problem with such a plan; it only attracts upcoming writers, not those who are established. Taking on unknown writers could leave you saddled with low-quality eBooks.

Another plan is to invite authors to allow you to publish their books in exchange for a portion of each sale you make. This arrangement is similar to that found in publishing houses, where authors make royalties on every sale. While such a system is ethical, it also makes sense because it attracts established writers. The higher-quality eBooks you offer, the more likely it is you’ll make money.

Setting up a Storefront

A person who wants to resell eBooks online will need to have a storefront where people can choose which books they want. Not only will you need a website, you’ll need ecommerce software to turn it into a real store—don’t worry, there are plenty of free and paid scripts and software that can get the job done. Most of the paid scripts are part of larger services, and are customizable for eBook resellers.

Become an eBook Reseller—It’s a Field With a Future

The private label resell rights business is booming, due in part to people’s preference for online shopping over visiting bricks-and-mortar stores. Specifically, people are beginning to choose eBooks over printed books, simply because they’re more portable and less expensive than their conventional counterparts.